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We are not just any website selling dried mealworms, we are CHUBBY DRIED MEALWORMS!

That means that we make dried mealworms interesting and fun (dare we say sexy?!). We use social media a lot to make this happen with lots of interesting info, pictures, videos giveaways, competitions and more.

We are relatively new to Australia so we don't have a lot of social action going on over here as yet but you can help get things started by using #chubbymealwormsaus on your Facebook posts or Instagram pictures. When you do they should appear in the feed below which is made up of UK and US posts to give you some inspiration!  

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    405 reviews
    Quick delivery. Great product

    Exactly what my chooks ordered. They are very happy

    Chooks love them.

    Have bought before. First time I intended to feed to the wild birds but they weren’t as interested as I thought they would be but the chooks “ the girls” loved them so bought more for them.

    Great. Thanks

    Big bag of worms!

    My quails are loving this huge bag of worms! Much better value than buying those tiny 150g bags at the pet store! This 1kg bag will last for ages! Thanks!


    the bag arrived with two knife cuts about 2cm long side by side about half a cm apart.
    When i went to pick the parcel up at the newsagent the staff memeber asked about the smell coming from the bag.

    Im actually a bit concerned if the product is still OK to give to my chooks.
    they didnt seem as keen to eat them as the last lot.

    disappointed as there was no damage to the bag itself the knife cuts must have been before it was packed

    Id like a response to this