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We are looking for wholesalers, distributors and retailers to take on Chubby Mealworms. We believe we have the best quality dried mealworms in Australia and they look great on shop shelves. Help boost your dried mealworms sales by stocking Chubby Mealworms!

We offer great wholesale prices so if you are interested in stocking our products please send us an email.

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1Kg Chubby Dried Mealworms

Chickens very happy

The chickens love it, when I go outside they seem cranky and when they are feed they are calm, it’s great to see them happy and healthy.

Ducks love them!

I used to have trouble getting my ducks to come in for the night. I put a handful of meal worms in their dinner and now they are waiting at the gate begging to go in!

Great product and process

Great mealworms and I was very impressed with the free shipping, thank you. I saved myself over $300 if I had ordered the same amount locally (western Qld) and free postage was icing on the cake as it came to my door. Will be ordering again once my guinea fowl keets chew their way through 10kg.


I’m so glad you guys do these in bulk! It’s great for my 15 chooks and 6 ducks and they all love them! Will be buying more!