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At Chubby Mealworms we love our customers. We don't just say that to make us sound nice, we really do because, well... without you we don't have much to do which makes us all at Chubby Mealworms very sad! To make sure that you love us as well as making sure you have the highest quality dried mealworms available (with the best packaging and service as well :-)) we have our Chubby Rewards Scheme. Quite simply Chubby Rewards gives you money off future orders by collecting reward points on every order you place. 

We wanted to call our Chubby Reward points Chubbies but we thought that was taking things a step too far!


How do I join the Chubby Rewards Scheme?


The good news is you don't have to do anything to join, other than have an account on Chubby Mealworms. If you don't currently have an account just sign up for one on the account creation page now.


How do I get Chubby Reward Points?


All you have to do is order as normal and you will earn 10 Chubbies, sorry Chubby reward points for every $1 spent. You can also earn extra points for other tasks such as 500 bonus points just for creating an account. These points are added to your account when an order ships not when it is placed so please don't panic when you they do not appear in your account straight away. 

As long as you use the same email address during checkout as is on your account you don't even need to login to your account to earn Chubbies!


How do I redeem my Chubby Rewards?


To turn your points into money off your orders you do need to be logged in to your account. Do this by clicking the Login/Register button at the top of the screen. When you are logged in you should see that the rewards widget (the orange thing that is always at the bottom centre of the page and looks like this)   now also shows your points balance.

When you are logged in you then need to click the 'widget' which brings up a larger beautifully colourful rewards window where you then need to click the 'Redeem' tab. This then lists all of the rewards available and if you have enough points you can click the orange Redeem button. When you have clicked the reward you want you are then asked to confirm your choice before being given a discount code which you need to apply to your next order. Make sure you copy this code or write it down, but you can also view it later from the 'My Rewards' section of the widget.

After adding an item to your shopping basket click checkout and then you add the discount code into the big white discount box on the right hand side of the page and click apply. Hey presto just like that your discount is applied, you save money we get another order and we share the love! Oh and don't forget that you still earn more Chubby rewards on this order that you just placed with a Chubby Reward Discount, it's like a big joyful circle of love!


OK it sounds amazing and simple to use but how much can I actually save?

We wanted our Chubby Rewards Scheme to reward both the big spenders buying large boxes as well as our loyal customers just buying a small bag or tub at a time. To do this we created different levels of discounts ranging from $3 off for just 1,500 points (don't forget you get 500 just for creating an account!) up to $150 off for 30,000 points with other levels in-between. 

Remember though that the more points you save the greater the percentage discount you will receive.

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405 reviews
Quick delivery. Great product

Exactly what my chooks ordered. They are very happy

Chooks love them.

Have bought before. First time I intended to feed to the wild birds but they weren’t as interested as I thought they would be but the chooks “ the girls” loved them so bought more for them.

Great. Thanks

Big bag of worms!

My quails are loving this huge bag of worms! Much better value than buying those tiny 150g bags at the pet store! This 1kg bag will last for ages! Thanks!


the bag arrived with two knife cuts about 2cm long side by side about half a cm apart.
When i went to pick the parcel up at the newsagent the staff memeber asked about the smell coming from the bag.

Im actually a bit concerned if the product is still OK to give to my chooks.
they didnt seem as keen to eat them as the last lot.

disappointed as there was no damage to the bag itself the knife cuts must have been before it was packed

Id like a response to this